Cop vs. Pig.

Cop (Homo vorsutus):

Somebody trying to do an honorable job under difficult circumstances, constant public scrutiny, and the resistance of her colleagues. Subject of much second-guessing, sometimes deservedly.

Pig (Homo vorsutus Americanus sus):

Sgt. Chad Walker, Columbia PD, confirming and demonstrating his true colors. Classification: Homo vorsutus ssp. sus.

Someone who calls himself a cop; has an official badge and gun to prove it; abuses citizens he has sworn to protect and serve; betrays the public trust; dishonors all cops; and deserves not an ounce of respect. His protectors and defenders fare little better.

Domestic pig, (Sus domestica):

An amazingly intelligent four-legged animal who must bear an entirely undeserved burden: namely being namesake for the worst that law enforcement has to offer.

And tastes good.

Sus domestica

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