Retired Sheriff Les Stiles endorses Shane Nelson

Reprinted from The Bulletin, October 4, 2020. Photo added by The Tumalo Lookout.

Sheriff Stiles has written a very powerful letter of endorsement for Sheriff Nelson. In particular, Stiles has entirely discredited retired Bend Police Chief Jim Porter’s endorsement; and has definitively disproven Scott Schaier’s readiness for any job as a top cop.

This is worth a careful read.

Nelson for sheriff

I strongly endorse Shane Nelson to be reelected as Sheriff of Deschutes County. At the start of election season, I decided not to take space in this column so other critical campaigns could give voice. That ended when I read an endorsement for Sheriff Nelson’s opponent by former Chief Jim Porter.

Former Deschutes County Sheriff Les Stiles endorses Shane Nelson for re-election. Credit: The Bulletin.

I was surprised and amazed when I saw Porter’s endorsement because in two separate and very specific conversations, Porter made it clear he was not going to endorse anyone. Porter told me he knew Sheriff Nelson’s opponent did not have the most basic of qualifications to run a $45 million organization and budget along with approximately 240 personnel and a 350-bed jail.

One glaring hole in the opponent’s résumé is he has not served in the critical position of patrol sergeant, which is where the rubber meets the road in law enforcement and leaders are, tried, tested and vetted for advancement. If one has not served as patrol sergeant, that person is not ready to serve as police chief or sheriff.

I ask the voters to do an in-depth dive into the personal and professional education, experience and lack of demonstrated leadership roles in any agency Nelson and his opponent have served. When you have all the facts, the choice is clear.

This is a critical time for Deschutes County citizens and visitors. Now is not the time for a rookie.

— Les Stiles, retired Deschutes County sheriff, Middleton, Idaho

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