Waddaya expect from Pennsylvania cops anyway?

From Fox News, your only trusted source for propaganda and lies, comes this bit of news. (Those traitors.)

Meet Officer Thomas Goldie of the Zelienople, PA, Police Department.

But, not just Fox News: it’s CBS News and everybody else, too. The whole world.

This little pig proudly serves the public. Or, at least, his own tribe. And, apparently, his tribe only.

He’s one of our nation’s finest, isn’t he? And now he is forever on the Internet wearing a cap that tells the world,

“Trump MAGA 2020 — Fuck your Feelings”

Officer Thomas Goldie, Zelienople Police Department, January 6, 2021
Officer Thomas Goldie of the Zelienople, PA, Police Department, proudly tells half of America to fuck off. I wonder what kind of an asshole his chief is for hiring this shithead pig. Sweet-looking little sow with him, though.

From Fox News, January 8, 2021.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, January 7, 2021.

Chew well and swallow, pig.

Well, you bought it, and you’re paying for it. So eat it.

What, suddenly no appetite for your usual fare of FOX garbage?

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