3,000 Floridians dead from COVID weren’t important. How about 27,000? Is that enough? No? Then how about your job.

People like Corporal Hernandez are the reason that our country has the worst COVID rates in the world.
Source: Longwood Police Department Facebook Page, April 29, 2020

Last June, Florida had “only” suffered some 3,000 deaths due to COVID-19. Corporal David Hernandez of the Longwood, FL, Police Department apparently didn’t believe that anybody had died from it. Because he harassed officers for the precautions they tried to take.

Now that’s what you call real leadership. Not to mention compassion for others.

And not to mention the IQ of a rusty door nail.

But Corporal Hernandez didn’t count on being reported to his superiors by one of his victims. Perhaps he just assumed that, being a corporal, his direct report wouldn’t dare report him. Or perhaps he just assumed that he could intimidate her into silence. Or perhaps he assumed that his superiors and his colleagues would have his back.

Whatever. He was wrong. And now he has been fired.

Corporal Hernandez has been fired not only for harassing a female officer. And not only for harassing her about her efforts to protect her health and safety from the risk of COVID. Nope. Not only for those things.

Corporal Hernandez was also fired for not being fully forthcoming and truthful to the internal investigators who handled the complaint.

Here’s the story from WESH TV, Orlando Florida

Central Florida officer fired for taunting co-worker over COVID-19 fears, police say

Updated: 4:41 PM EST Feb 5, 2021


A Central Florida police officer has been fired following a co-worker’s complaint that he mocked her concerns about the coronavirus and hugged her against her wishes.

An internal investigation by the Longwood Police Department also found that Cpl. David Hernandez also misled investigators who probed the allegations against him.

The woman told investigators she made it clear to Hernandez that she feared contracting COVID-19. But Hernandez followed her into her workspace, taunting her about her fears of the coronavirus.

The report said Hernandez would touch the woman’s personal items and speak into her phone while joking that he doesn’t have the coronavirus.

At one point it’s alleged the woman struggled to get free of Hernandez and injured her finger and back in the process.

In the internal investigation documents, Longwood’s police chief wrote that Hernandez was not fully forthcoming and not truthful, which contributed to the decision to fire him.

While the word battery was in the documents, no criminal investigation took place at the request of the woman who filed the complaint.

When an officer’s credibility is called into question, the state attorney’s office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are notified.

Longwood police officials said they do not know of any cases where the former corporal was an untruthful witness.

His firing is still subject to an upcoming arbitration hearing in which he could try to get his job back.

From The Tumalo Lookout.

If the local news story isn’t acceptable to you, then you could read about it at The Washington Post. But if you only read Fox News, you’ll have to hunt the story down for yourself.

You know, the real hell of this incident isn’t just that Hernandez is likely to get his job back. It isn’t even that he’ll be all the worse of a Pig for it.

The real hell of this incident is that Porker Hernandez is a training officer.

And, by the way: as of this afternoon, the number of Florida’s COVID deaths is over 28,000. And one pig’s job.

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