Writer’s Almanac: February 12, 2021

Today the United States Senate will complete the Scopes Monkey Trial of Ex-President Donald Trump.

The day is historic in its farcical cynicism as well as its true consequences: a theatre of the absurd, wherein the first United States President to be impeached for sedition has already been guaranteed his acquittal.

Trump is the first President to be impeached twice, and despite all evidence of absolute guilt, acquitted twice.

Today is also the birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, born in 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

The irony is so dark that Ambrose Bierce must surely be having nocturnal emissions as he watches from his resting place the truly bleak, dark humor of this unfolding event: Lincoln tried to end the first American Civil War, and (he thought) slavery. Whereas today, on this day of Lincoln’s remembrance, the Republican Party — his party, in name only — is trashing our Constitution and Lincoln’s heritage — nay, our heritage — as they take the closing steps to once again absolve not only the nation’s first, true, seditionist president; but also the most loathsome racist president in American history. The racist president who enlisted, and continues to enlist, his own private army from the nation’s lowest, bottom-feeding, cesspool-dwelling scum: the White Nationalists. So that he can continue to foment his insurrection. So that he can satisfy his lust for power and thwart the will of the electorate to his own ends.

The modern “leaders” of “Lincoln’s” Republican Party have absolved this president of every high crime, misdemeanor, corrupt and morally indefensible word and deed he has ever engaged in or uttered.

They absolved him within 24 hours of his attack on their very lives, in the Capitol of these United States.

Indeed, nearly all of them, Representatives and Senators alike, were complicit in his plan. Most of them perpetuated his Great Lie like the brainless twats they are. And some among them aided and abetted his insurrection.

In truth, they didn’t merely absolve him the day after his insurrection. They absolved him every day of his presidency.

In fact, they never even accused him, but gave him their complete, obsequious fealty.

And they absolve him not only so that they, like Trump, can keep their own positions of power; but also because they would deny their own culpability in this.

And, most importantly, the Republican House members and the Republican Senators absolve him because that’s what their voters — nearly half of Americawant them to do. (Including, and especially, American cops!)

O America, you are lost to history. Like the Romans, your concrete structures will long outlast your empire.

As I say: the irony is deeply, darkly, delicious. If not poisonous.

But wait: there’s more!

Today is also the birthday of Charles Darwin, born in 1809 Feb 12, 1809, in Shrewsbury, England. Darwin ushered in the theory of natural selection, whereby all species evolve or become extinct according to their abilities to adapt to the changing conditions of their environment.

Along the way, Darwin planted the intellectual bombs that blew up the ancient, racist, and entirely fallacious ideas that humans aren’t animals, let alone apes; that God made the world in seven days; that the Bible is literally correct; and that White Europeans are genetically superior to all other peoples.


Just as half of America still refuses to believe the world is round, nor that oxygen is real; just as half of America still believes that the earth is flat and that there is no such thing as gravity…

…So, too, the Republican Party still refuses to believe that Trump is a seditionist intent on overthrowing the United States Constitution, to remake the nation to his own liking.

In truth, today we witness what half of America thinks it wants: the nation’s own demise.

So we will destroy our country in order to save it.

Today we witness the United States Senate demonstrate all of the the truths of Darwin’s theory.

Today we witness the United States Senate usher in the end of the America that our Founding Mothers and Fathers gave to us, and entreated us to protect and defend, and gave us the Constitutional tools of impeachment and conviction with which to defend it.

And it was all entirely predictable.

Homo vorsutus: Clever, not wise.

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