Eight years to fire a bad cop.

Thank a cop union.

While we’re on the subject of Chicago cops, take a look at this next story: a Cook County sheriff’s officer resigned under pressure for sexually harassing a colleague in 2013!!!

It took eight years to fire this pig’s blue ass, and all that time he was collecting pay from the taxpayers.

This is the kind of crap that cop unions are responsible for all the time in America, including right here in Deschutes County.

We need cop unions, but not the kind that flourishes in the United States. We need cop unions run by and representing honest cops, cops with integrity. We need cop unions that stay the hell out of politics and don’t trade political support for money or favorable laws. We need cop unions that don’t defend the pigs in their own ranks.

We need cop unions that want improvement in cop culture, and are actively making it happen. Cop unions that routinely stand up to the microphone and tell the world that they won’t tolerate bigotry, racism, abuse, misconduct, or corruption among their members, and won’t defend it. And then show the world that their actions match their words.

But when do you ever hear that message from cop unions?

And, by the way: what are the odds that this pig takes his pension with him as he gets out of his problems scott-free?

From the Chicago Sun-Times, April 17, 2021.

High-ranking Cook County sheriff’s official resigns amid sexual harassment investigation

Former executive officer Patrick Dwyer is accused of sending “inappropriate and unsolicited sexual comments” to a colleague in 2013, according to the sheriff’s office.

By Madeline Kenney  Apr 17, 2021, 1:14pm CDT

This is a file photo of deputy in the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.

Facing termination, a high-ranking Cook County sheriff’s office employee resigned last week following an investigation into 8-year-old sexual harassment allegations.

Former executive officer Patrick Dwyer was accused of sending “inappropriate and unsolicited sexual comments” to a female colleague in 2013, the sheriff’s office said Saturday.

The sheriff’s office launched an investigation after the allegation surfaced earlier this year and found Dwyer violated department policy.

Authorities were in the process of firing Dwyer when he decided to step down April 9, according to a written statement Saturday from the sheriff’s office that said the agency “has zero tolerance for harassment of any kind in the workplace and will vigorously pursue disciplinary action against all employees who violate department policy.”

Dwyer couldn’t be reached.

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