Miami-Dade cop arrested for brutality, and for lying about it on the arrest record.

Meet Miami-Dade Police Officer Alejandro Giraldo. He was arrested for unnecessary roughing of a woman he arrested. On video. And for lying about it on his arrest record.

The woman he arrested, Dyma Loving, was the one who called police for help. She had reported a man brandishing a gun in a threatening manner.

Ms. Loving is, of course, Black.

The man she called police about was, of course, White.

And Officer Giraldo is, of course, Blue.

Oinker Giraldo was charged with misdemeanor battery and felony official misconduct.

Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez called Giraldo’s arrest,


Is that all? Just “disappointing?!”

Well consider this:

Loving’s attorney, Justin Moore, called the charges against Giraldo “a start.” He said he believes other cops involved in the episode should also face criminal charges.

“The fact is that other officers involved in Dyma’s arrest assisted Officer Giraldo and drafted police reports detailing the incident. It is more than reasonable that they meet the same scrutiny that officer Giraldo has received,” Moore said.

Miami-Dade cop charged over rough arrest of woman in video | Miami Herald, May 3, 2021

Or consider this:

In filing charges against Giraldo, investigators said he lied when he wrote in his report that Loving “would not obey my commands.” Body-cam videos showed his “commands” were just to “calm down” and “chill out.”

Loving is seen on camera complying with these ‘commands,’ according to the warrant by Lorente and prosecutor Kerrie Crockett.

The warrant also said Loving was never seen being “uncooperative” and “causing a scene in a residential neighborhood.”

“There is no evidence that Loving’s ‘screaming’ at Giraldo caused anyone to leave their house to witness” the incident, the warrant said.

Miami-Dade cop charged over rough arrest of woman in video | Miami Herald, May 3, 2021

And consider this:

Awaiting trial in unrelated cases: Miami-Dade Sgt. Manuel Regueiro, accused of slapping a handcuffed suspect, and Miami-Dade Officer Gustavo de los Rios, accused of kicking a handcuffed teen suspect.

Miami-Dade cop charged over rough arrest of woman in video | Miami Herald, May 3, 2021

If you really wanna understand what happened, you should watch this:

Miami police officer charged with lying about arrest caught on video – ABC News (

If you just want to be lulled and hypnotized into inaction by the cops, then read this:

Andre Rouviere, Giraldo’s defense attorney, expressed concerns regarding the nature in which the case was brought about in a statement provided to ABC News. “Of the 35 body worn cameras and videos that were available, the media was shown only a small handful in which to present to the public,” he said, claiming that the State Attorney’s Office succumbed to “the pressure of a signature gathering campaign pushing for the filing of charges against Officer Giraldo.”

“As a result of the pressure and rush to judgement, Officer Giraldo has already been convicted by the state attorney’s office, his own Police Department, the media and the public,” Rouviere said. “One would hope by the time the matter goes to court, Officer Giraldo will, as any accused, be cloaked in a presumption of innocence.”

Miami police officer charged with lying about arrest caught on video – ABC News (, May 4, 2019

… Because that’s the same old shit that cops always resort to when they get caught on video. ‘No camera tells the whole story.’

Like I keep saying, that works in a court of law, but it don’t fly in the court of public opinion.

Just keep your focus on the cops’ lies. They always start in the arrest reports.

What we have here is another American pig sty.

The only good guy is the prosecutor who is bringing these and other similar cases to trial. Unfortunately, he has already lost several of the cases.

Because this is Miami, Dade County, Florida.

And it’s America.

And that’s the criminal-industrial complex, hard at work.


Cops should take note:

I found Officer Giraldo’s photo on the website of the, at Florida cop charged with misconduct after video showed him forcibly detaining a black woman | Daily Mail Online.

That news site is in the U.K., in case you aren’t familiar with it.

And the story was published on 5 May 2019.

From which, the astute among you may see two more little bits of PR disaster for American cops:

News of this stretches all the way around the world, instantly.

And it gets repeated for a long, long time.

Hey, I know you’d like to shoot the messengers.

But the problem isn’t them.

It’s you.

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