5 Miami cops charged with gang-assaulting arrestee and bystander.

But 21 cops participated in the melee. They were all caught on video.

Here’s the story: a guy drives his motor bike recklessly, and knocks a cop off of his bike. An entire herd of cops give chase. The video picks up as the lone suspect runs into a hotel lobby and is immediately apprehended by the first cop following him in. The suspect complies with the cop’s orders and lays down on the floor, prone on his stomach, hands behind his back.

Two more cops arrive in seconds and assist in cuffing the suspect.

The Gang-bang begins:

Then the rest of the gang of thugs-in-uniform arrive. They mob the compliant suspect while he’s down. They begin punching and kicking him. It’s a regular gang-bang, and the beating continues until they’ve all shot their wads and roll off of him for smokes and strokes.

A sergeant among them returns to give the suspect a third session of kicks to the head — just for good measure.

Then they attacked a bystander:

About this time, a couple of the degenerates notice that the entire escapade has been watched and recorded on cell phone by a bystander in the lobby. The hotel’s security feed, which we have been watching for the entire time thus far, clearly shows that the bystander is utterly innocent and not in any way interfering. Indeed, the bystander repeatedly steps back away from the crowd, without being directed, as the throng of pigs grows. He merely records them beating the suspect.

When the pigs notice him observing and recording them, they (the ones who have already had their sexual pleasure on the suspect) now regroup and approach the bystander. We now begin seeing events through the body cameras worn by the Miami cops themselves. And what we see is that the bystander is also brutalized.

And here is how cops — professional liars — turn the criminal justice system against people.

The bystander is then blamed for his own assault, officially, by lying pigs who write official arrest reports stating that he resisted arrest and threatened them with bodily harm; and that he impeded an official investigation.

None of which was true. There was no investigation underway to impede — there was only a riot by the cops, and two assaults on civilians: one a compliant and physically restrained suspect, and the other, a bystander who was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (namely, America). Nobody was asking questions, and the field supervisors were still busy kicking the shit out of the compliant, physically restrained, suspect. So, the fucking pigs — as is normal for fucking pigs — officially and casually lied in their reports.

But, as I keep telling you, half of all cops are below average, no matter how you measure it. And another 34 percent are barely any better.

In this case, the numbers apply not “just” to honesty and integrity. “Half of all cops” also refers to intelligence. Because these cops were too sexually excited to realize that they were being recorded through all of this.

And not just by one bystander. But by the hotel’s security cameras.

Half of all cops are below average. Prove me wrong.

Worth noting:

Supervisory cop kicking and beating the shit out of a suspect.

This is a textbook example of what’s wrong with the “profession” of law enforcement in America: law enforcement promotes its worst up through the ranks, again and again.

We see in this incident not only that cops condone brutality among their colleagues by standing by, even when they don’t participate. Just like Derek Chauvin’s little buddies (who go on trial soon).

Just like the Mai Lai incident, for those of you old enough to remember Vietnam.

We see that, up through the ranks, supervisors role model criminal conduct for their direct reports.

And this role modeling creates a hostile work environment (in the legal, HR meaning) for any colleagues or direct reports who might want to try to intervene during the incident itself.

(Surely there must have been one, or even two, cops who weren’t entirely comfortable with what they were participating in.)

(….Nah. I’m being too much of a Polly Anna, aren’t I?)

Other things worth considering:

Only five cops were charged, although there were reportedly 21 in the attack.

The five were only charged with misdemeanors.

The absolute clarity of events shown in this video is as inarguable as Mr. George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin.

Florida’s Attorney General couldn’t possibly sweep this under the rug, and he was forced by circumstance — if not ethics — to turn on his own kind, if only for preserving the chances of his own political aspirations.

Ditto for the Miami police chief.

You can bet that some of these pigs will be sacrificed to preserve the chief’s job, and the Florida AG’s. (Not necessarily because they should be terminated; that’s irrelevant.)

You can bet that most of the pigs involved, won’t be.

You can bet that some of the pigs who get fired will be rehired by some other low-life police department, or, more likely, a sheriff. Because there’s no national Do Not Hire list for cops. And because bad cops seem to jump from one agency to another, like ticks on dogs. Just about anybody can be a cop, it seems.

And you sure as hell can bet that the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police will defend these pigs in court.

Because, after all, Florida cops don’t mind a little criminal conduct among friends. Not at all — as long as it’s the cops doing it.

Especially when even their union officers are criminals.


Did I mention that the two victims in this story just happen to be Black?

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