Opus for Mr. Holland: This little piggy went to market.

File under Swine Flu.

Ousted police chief Lang Holland, formerly of Marshall Arkansas. He doesn’t deserve a bigger photo. He does, however, deserve a mug shot. (Source: Yahoo News, November 9 2020)

November 7, 2020

Marshall Arkansas

Here’s another example of how cop culture breeds too many pigs and not enough guardians.

It seems that one Mr. Lang Holland had to resign his position as chief of the Marshall, Arkansas, Police Department for conduct unbecoming.

He advocated “Death to all Marxist Democrats” on Parlor, a conservative social media platform. Unfortunately for him, Parlor is apparently watched by many real human beings as well as the usual effluence of the “patriotic” Right.

Some of those real human readers apparently objected to Pig Holland’s posts that advocated death, violence, and confrontation. So they reported Holland’s posts to The Kansas City Star.

And this story went from there to the world, in the blink of a pig’s eye.

Below are Lang Holland’s offensive Parlor posts

I grabbed these off of Twitter posts by KATV reporter Viktoria Capek.

Here, Holland advocates “literally refighting the Revolutionary War,” “Death to all Marxist Democrats,” and “leave no survivors.”

Ousted Marshal, AR, police chief Lang Holland’s post on Parlor.
Source: Viktoria Capek, KATV, November 7, 2020

And here Holland advocates physical confrontations against the “Marxist Democrat bastards:”

Ousted Marshal, AR, police chief Lang Holland’s post on Parlor.
Source: Viktoria Capek, KATV, November 7, 2020

And then Holland tried to weasel his way out of trouble

Holland didn’t even have the integrity to stand by his comments. When he was confronted by Kansas City Star reporters about his posts… he posted new posts, publicly denying that he wrote the first ones. Check this out:

Ousted Marshal, AR, police chief Lang Holland’s post on Parlor.
Source: Viktoria Capek, KATV, November 7, 2020

And (as if anyone would believe this next one),

Ousted Marshal, AR, police chief Lang Holland’s post on Parlor.
Source: Viktoria Capek, KATV, November 7, 2020

His denials were, of course, lies.

He later apologized for his conduct to Mr. Kevin Elliot, Mayor, City of Marshall, Arkansas.

And then he “resigned,” effective “immediately.”

Maybe a good cop, once

Holland once did more honorable work, serving the country overseas. But alas, he squandered the Public’s respect when he disrespected his oath, his professional ethics, his colleagues, and his profession — to say nothing of democracy and his fellow citizens.

Those with further interest can find background information and a local news perspective on the now-retired Chief Piggy Lang Holland in The Arkansas Democrat Gazette of November 8.

Further coverage can be found in The Kansas City Star, November 8, 2020.

You can also find coverage of this pathetic story at The Washington Post, November 9, 2020.

On with the story.

From The Kansas City Star, November 8, 2020.

Police chief resigns after threatening posts about Democrats, Arkansas mayor says


NOVEMBER 08, 2020 03:10 PM

A police chief in Arkansas resigned after he made threatening posts targeting Democrats on social media platform Parler, the mayor said.

Lang Holland drew the ire of the community after posts from a Parler profile bearing his name and likeness claimed the presidential election had been stolen, and repeatedly called for violence against Democrats, CNN reported.

Holland was police chief of Marshall — a northern Arkansas city of about 1,300 people — at the time.

“Death to all Marxist Democrats,” one post said, according to photos posted to Twitter. “Take no prisoners leave no survivors!!”

Parler is a Twitter-like social media app that describes itself as “free speech platform” where users can “speak freely and express [themselves] openly.” It has grown in popularity with conservatives in recent months.

The posts circulated beyond Parler onto multiple social media platforms Friday. That evening, another profile purporting to be “the real chief” claimed the threatening posts had been made from a fake account and that Holland was a “protector of all citizens,” KATV reported.

Both profiles had been removed by Saturday, along with the Marshall police department Facebook page, according to the outlet.

On Saturday, Marshall Mayor Kevin Elliott confirmed the posts were made by Holland and announced that Holland had resigned from his position as police chief.

“The City of Marshall strongly condemns the actions of Mr. Holland in his posts to social media,” Elliot wrote in a statement. “The Marshall community does not in any way support or condone bullying or threats of violence to anyone of any political persuasion! We condemn it!”

Elliot said he’d received numerous calls from people who’d seen the chief’s posts on Parlor before calling a meeting with Holland, CNN reported. Holland’s resignation was effective immediately, Elliot said.

“The Marshall police force is here to protect and serve everyone,” he said in the statement.

A police chief in Arkansas has resigned after he made threatening posts against Democrats on social media platform Parler, the mayor said. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File) JENNY KANE AP



Dawson covers goings-on across the central region, from breaking to bizarre. She has an MSt from the University of Cambridge and lives in Kansas City.

From The Tumalo Lookout:

I hope you’re getting sick of these stories. I know I am.

Every time I read another one of these stories from around the nation, I’m reminded of how fortunate we seem to be here in Deschutes County. I’d like to hope that I’m never proved wrong about that.

But I’m not that naïve.

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