Update on Jason Taft: Colorado cop betrayed his oath, disgraced his department

File Under Digging Out.

December 15, 2020

Hello again World!

Good news for democracy — and those seeking police reform.

Former Colorado Cop Jason Taft resigned in disgrace on November 19th. Source: Screen grab, WTSP-TV, Tampa Bay, November 5, 2020.

Last November 6, I shared news regarding the conduct of Platteville CO police officer Jason Taft.

On November 19th, Taft resigned from the Platteville Police Department in disgrace.

But not before disgracing his fellow officers and not before betraying his professional oath.

Taft was the subject of an internal investigation for his social media posts at election time, such as:

“If for some reason we lose do we get to be little [expletive] and beat the hell out of the other party like they did. Because they don’t believe in what we do. In fact in case we actually let Biden win. There will be far fewer results than this year because we’ll help them find God. Democrats you were scared of Trump now’s the time to be afraid. We will do what you have done to our city’s and prevail p.s. please meet me at the battle grounds.”

— Former Platteville CO police officer Jason Taft, in Facebook, November 9, 2020.

In a subsequent moment of bravado, Taft added that

“I’m ready to leave my job just so I can hurt these people that act like they know what real life is about. They are a bunch of time out in the corner billy people. They have no clue of the true rath [sic] thats coming. Dems you though you made a scene or statement with BLM just wait this it will be fun!”

— Former Platteville CO police officer Jason Taft, in Facebook, November 9, 2020.

Well, failed Officer Taft got his wish to give up his job for his president. I wonder how that “real life” going for him now.

Maybe he’ll join the Proud Boys, so he can hurt people without those pesky professional constraints he used to labor under.

Or, maybe he’ll end up somebody’s best buddy in prison someplace. These things — Proud Boys and prison — aren’t mutually exclusive, after all.

Or, now that he has so much time on his hands, maybe Taft will go back to school and learn a few things, like spelling, punctuation, and grammar. (Somehow, though, I doubt it.)

Unfortunately, there’s also a good chance some other law enforcement agency will hire him, and we’ll be right back where we started.

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