Cops add two new looks for the Confederate Flag

January 19, 2021.

Last year I published a series of blogs about the Confederate Battle Flag and the lies Southern Whites still tell about why The South declared war on The North.

There are now two new versions of that flag. Here’s a photo of one of them, flown during Trump’s Insurrection on January 6th, 2021, at our nation’s capitol.

White Nationalists are once again as numerous and as pernicious as cockroaches.

We all have Trump and the Christian Right to thank for setting our nation’s race relations back a century in the past four years. (Especially when it was never as far along as we liked to tell ourselves.)

But you can also thank your police and sheriffs for this plague of cockroaches.

Not only did cops lend their political support and union dues to his election in 2016.

Not only did cops do his racist dirty work for him throughout the past four years, murdering Black citizens time and time again.

And not only have cops repeatedly brutalized Black Lives Matter protesters throughout the country, just as they did the Civil Rights protesters in the 1960s.

Insurrectionist pigs also tried to help Trump overturn the 2020 election.

And you can bet your sweet ass that cops will be supporting every Repugnant Party effort to hinder and take away the voting rights of American citizens for the next four years, too.

So here’s that other new Confederate Battle Flag.

The new Confederate Battle Flag.

When I see this, I feel the same anger and disgust I feel when I see any other Confederate Flag.

You should dump this flag, cops. It represents institutionalized racism for too many American citizens.

For many Americans — too many for you to ignore — this flag doesn’t say, “holding the line.” It doesn’t say that you’re protecting “us.” It doesn’t say you are “protecting everyone.” It says, “protecting racist Whites and their racist White institutions.” It says, “murdering people of color.” It says, “occupying force.”

That’s one hell of a PR problem you’ve added to your list of self-inflicted wounds, cops.

Will you never learn?

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