Chicago Cops shot Anthony Alvarez, 22, in the back. Dead. Because he had a gun.

Not because he tried to shoot them. Not because he threatened to shoot them. Just because he had a gun.

On March 29, 2021, Chicago Cops shot Anthony Alvarez, 22, in the back, killing him as he ran away from them.

Have gun, will kill.

Their excuse this time: same as the last time.

He had a gun.

He wasn’t shooting at them, or even pointing it at them.

He had his back to them. He was running away from them.

But he had a gun.

‘Nuff said, shot him dead.

But don’t take my word for it. Newly-released video shows it.

Of course, cops want you to ‘remain calm,’ and ‘remember that the video doesn’t ever tell the whole story.’

Well, cops don’t either.

Remember the Minneapolis PD and Derek Chauvin?

Apparently, millions of other Americans deserve to be shot by cops too.

From “Chicago Releases Video of Fatal Police Shooting as Mayor Calls for Peace,” The New York Times, April 28, 2021:

One officer, Evan Solano, shouts, “Hey! Drop the gun, drop the gun!” before firing five times. At the time he was shot, the slowed-down video shows, Mr. Alvarez had his back to the officers and was attempting to run.

Wounded and sprawled on the ground in front of a house, Mr. Alvarez moaned in pain and said, “Why are you shooting me?”

“You had a gun,” Officer Solano replied.

No doubt at all the Chicago police union has already told Chicago that it’s the kid’s own fault and the pigs did nothing wrong. I can hear it all again: “The officers followed their training and every department policy.”

And get this: The cops haven’t even told Alvarez’s family why the cops were chasing him.

The family is still waiting for Chicago PD to even explain what, if any, crime Alvarez was engaged in when the “peace officers” shot him in the back.

In the back.

Five times.

Killing him.


Not part-way dead.

Not half-way dead.

Not most of the way dead.

All the way dead.

Completely. Dead.


This being Chicago, and this being Amerika, and them being cops, and Anthony being a person of color…

Don’t expect any of these “peace officers” to be held accountable.

The machinery is all on their side.

What should we conclude from this, boys and girls?

How about this:

If you’re a right-wing White Nationalist Boogey Boy anarchist, cops will let you carry assault rifles into public buildings, intimidate voters, shoppers, and public officials. They’ll let you storm state capitols, the United States Capitol, and they’ll let you commit insurrection.

On the other hand, it’s a crime to Carry While Black.

And even the suspicion of that is punishable.

By instant death.

No trial required.

Execution by cop.

And leave us not forget…

On March 29, 2021, Chicago cops killed a 13 year-old kid named Adam Toledo, a seventh grader. Why? He was carrying a gun while they were chasing him on foot.

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