When the going gets rough, the rats abandon ship.

Good news from that incredibly disreputable agency, NYPD.

A brief excerpt from the ever-loathsome, yet enlightening, right-wing cop rag, The Police Tribune, April 27, 2021:

More Than 5,300 Cops Left NYPD In 2020, Exodus Continuing In 2021

Sandy Malone 19 hours ago

New York, NY – New York Police Department data showed a 75 percent jump in officer retirements and resignations in 2020 compared to one year earlier.

More than 5,300 uniformed NYPD officers quit or submitted paperwork to retire last year, the New York Post reported.

The data showed that 2,600 officers resigned from the police department and 2,746 filed for retirement, bringing the grand total of NYPD off the streets in 2020 to 5,346….

….So far this year – as of April 21 – already 831 NYPD officers have retired or resigned….

….“Police are being vilified across the country, they’re being painted as racist occupiers, just going in like an occupying army, trying to disrupt communities when it’s exactly the opposite,” [Retired NYPD Officer Angel ] Maysonet said. “They’re being demonized and vilified by politicians. Leadership is failing, right? They don’t back their police officers the way they should.”…

….“Everybody’s giving in to this woke culture and this ‘abolish the police’ or ‘defund the police’ mentality. So it’s taking a toll mentally on police officers,” he added….

From The Tumalo Lookout:

Hey, shit happens, right Officer Maysonet?

Ya’ gotta break eggs to make an omlet, and all that.

But there is one thing I do agree with the NYPD Cops about: cops do need more pay (like teachers, nurses, and so many other essential workers). And I’ll vote yes on tax initiatives that increase it. Just like I’ll vote yes to employ more cops here in central Oregon.

PROVIDED that we first see truly significant improvements and concessions from them.

I’ve said it before: we need cops. But we need good cops.

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