Crooked prosecutors: part of the American tradition.

What we have here today is a story about a Dallas County prosecutor who sent two men away for murder. That’s Dallas County, Texas, to be sure.

Meet Dallas County Prosecutor Rick Jackson, who won murder convictions against two homeless Black men in the year 2000 by deceiving their juries and their defense lawyers. On purpose. Intentionally. Repeatedly.

Dallas County prosecutor Rick Jackson was disbarred in 2021 for convicting two homeless men of murder by deceiving their juries. In the year 2000. Photo: The Dallas Morning News, May 21, 2021

This being Texas, of course, that was easy to do: corrupt cops (like I said, Texas), corrupt prosecutor (Texas), Whitey jurors (Texas), Texas rules. It was a true win-win game. For Texas. Because it was rigged. From the get-go. The two men never stood a chance.

Just who were these two homeless men? They were Mr. Stanley Mozee and Mr. Dennis Lee Allen.

What was the Trumped-up charge? Murder.

The sentence? Life in prison.

What was their true crime? Being homeless, being Black, being men, and being in Texas.

But the Texas Innocence Project got involved. It took the Project 14 years, but Mr. Mozee and Mr. Allen were freed from prison in the year 2014.

How did the Innocence Project get them free? The Dallas Morning News explains it in a nutshell:

Texas judges found that Jackson withheld several pieces of evidence that could have helped Allen and Mozee. The men were freed from prison in 2014 and declared actually innocent in 2019 after DNA testing helped clear them.

The Dallas Morning News, May 13, 2021

So. It seems that Justice won out, eh? The American judicial system worked, and all that triumphant Pablum, right?

Not so fast, Skippy.

The Criminal-Industrial Complex Wins Again

First of all, it took 14 years to free Mr. Mozee and Mr. Allen. That’s 14 years of their lives, for which the men can never be compensated. Let alone, 14 years that can never be retrieved.

And it took three more years — until 2018 — before their overturned convictions were upheld by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest criminal court in Texas. So Mozee and Allen had to fight from 1999, when they were arrested, until 2018.

In March 2017, state District Judge Everett Young ruled that the men’s convictions should be vacated because Jackson withheld evidence. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest criminal court in Texas, agreed in January 2018.

The Dallas Morning News, May 13, 2021

In other words, The Great Texas Republic fought their freedom every step of the way. It was determined to keep these men in prison — and all technicalities, all legalities, all misconduct of the prosecutors be damned.

Only in 2019 were Mozee and Allen declared “actually innocent” by the courts, when DNA evidence conclusively proved that they weren’t guilty of the murder.

And only in 2019 did the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office apologize to the men for the crimes committed against them by The Great Texas Republic.

For those of you who aren’t counting, that’s a full twenty years of fighting the Criminal-Industrial Complex for their freedom.

Win-Win, indeed

But, at least, you might argue, Rick Jackson, the crooked Dallas County prosecutor who deceived two juries and falsely convicted and imprisoned the men, was disbarred. Right?

Like I said: not so fast, Skippy.

Let’s get the full low-down on this POS Jackson from The Dallas Morning News:

…. former Dallas County prosecutor [Rick Jackson] quietly surrendered his law license last month after the State Bar of Texas said he withheld evidence that led to the wrongful convictions of two men in the slaying of a South Dallas pastor.

The State Bar concluded that Richard E. “Rick” Jackson failed to inform Dennis Allen and Stanley Mozee’s defense attorneys about evidence that could have cleared them at their 2000 capital murder trials. As a result, the courts say, Allen and Mozee wrongfully spent 14 years in prison for the murder of Rev. Jesse Borns Jr.

“This case is not about someone disbarred for making a mistake or a prosecutor who accidentally or even sloppily failed to turn over favorable evidence,” said Nina Morrison, a lawyer with the Innocence Project in New York, who worked to clear Allen and Mozee.

“This is someone who repeatedly and intentionally hid favorable evidence from two defendants who were on trial for their lives.”

Texas judges found that Jackson withheld several pieces of evidence that could have helped Allen and Mozee. The men were freed from prison in 2014 and declared actually innocent in 2019 after DNA testing helped clear them.

Secret deal negotiations with jailhouse informants, witness descriptions that didn’t match Allen and Mozee, and false information that witnesses positively identified the men were among the evidence Jackson kept from defense lawyers, judges who reviewed the cases found.

The Innocence Project in New York and the Innocence Project of Texas filed a 196-page grievance with the State Bar in 2018 against Jackson.

Jackson has long maintained that he handed over the evidence to the defense and still believes that Allen and Mozee are guilty, said Jackson’s lawyer Bob Hinton.

Dallas County prosecutor who withheld evidence disbarred after two 2 men cleared of murder,” The Dallas Morning News, May 15, 2021

So Don’t give me that “Wheels of Justice turn slowly” shit.

The wheels of justice turn slowly because the Criminal-Industrial Complex makes them square. And then cements them in place. And puts sticks in the spokes. And glue in the axels. And shoots the horse that tries to pull them free.

And let’s not get carried away with this “accountability” thing.

You see, Rick Jackson wasn’t even “held accountable” until 2019.

At that, Jackson chose not to spend his retirement savings fighting the accusation at a disciplinary hearing where he faced losing his law license.

What’s more, Rick Jackson negotiated with the Texas State Bar. He accepted disbarment, 11 years after he had already retired from practicing law!

Rick Jackson was never actually held accountable. Crooked prosecutors never are.

Rick Jackson was never actually held accountable for his crimes against Mr. Mozee, Mr. Allen, and their loved ones. He was never tried in a criminal court. The Texas Bar merely waited a few years for White Texans to forget their collective complicity in all of this. Then The Bar quietly “took away” the law Licence from one of their own, eight years after he’d already retired from law, to be a bus driver.

Some punishment for a man who committed some of the most grievous of crimes against democracy and our esteemed criminal “justice” system.

Wink-wink. Nod-nod.

And Rick Jackson still, staunchly, maintains that he’s the victim in this case.

Jackson retired from practicing law in 2013 after he was fired from the Denton County district attorney’s office. While testifying in proceedings for Allen and Mozee’s cases, Jackson said he was terminated because he wanted to be tougher on crimes than his boss. The district attorney’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

Jackson was also among a slew of prosecutors who were not invited to remain in the Dallas County district attorney’s office after former DA Craig Watkins won the 2006 election. Jackson, who had spent 17 years as a Dallas County prosecutor, sued Watkins in federal court, claiming that his termination was race based. Jackson is white and Watkins is Black. A judge tossed the suit.

Hinton said Jackson didn’t want to comment. He is angry over what he considers false accusations against him and was physically ill in Hinton’s office when he decided to surrender his law license, Hinton said. The career prosecutor now spends summers in Alaska, where he drives tour buses that work with cruise ships, Hinton said.

Dallas County prosecutor who withheld evidence disbarred after two 2 men cleared of murder,” The Dallas Morning News, May 15, 2021

Spoken like a true Repugnant Party member: a true racist.


Who was the murder victim in this bizarre case? One Reverand Jesse Borns, Jr.

The Great State of Texas has never bothered to find his true murderer.

They were too busy.

After all, they had innocent men they had to keep in prison.

Rev. Borns would heartily approve of their priorities, I’m sure.

Rev. Jesse Borns Jr. was killed in 1999.
Rev. Jesse Borns Jr. was killed in 1999.(courtesy photo / digital file). Source: The Dallas Morning News, May 15, 2021

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