Entrepreneur cop busted for home business: cooking meth.

Meet Christopher Walls, Long Branch New Jersey Cop and meth lab owner/operator.

Look at the smirk on this pig’s face. That’s the disdain of a cop who still thinks he’s gonna get away with it.

A cop who doesn’t give a damn about his oath, his responsibilities, his family, the people he’s supposed to serve, his profession, or democracy.

In other words, another fucking American Pig, Homo vorsutus Americanus sus.

Now tell me how none of his colleagues knew that this 19-year veteran of The Force was a poison-making, explosives-making, drug-dealing, child-endangering, cute li’l rascal with six weapons of mass destruction in his basement.

I ain’t buying it.

Half of his department looked the other way, I’m sure.

What else can you expect from cops.

You can demand more. But don’t expect it.

From Fox News, May 16, 2021, with mixed feelings of sadness, anger, irony, and glee:

NJ cop busted for running meth lab out of home

Christopher Walls was a longtime member of the Long Branch Police Department

By Mark Lungariello | New York Post

“Breaking Bad,” New Jersey style.

A Garden State cop was busted Sunday for running a meth lab out of his house, prosecutors announced Sunday.

Christopher Walls, 50, a longtime member of the Long Branch Police Department, was arrested after his coworkers were called to his house Saturday night because of a domestic disturbance, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Someone in the house tipped off cops to the cop’s Walter White-like activity and found the ingredients and equipment for making meth in the basement and a shed, a statement from the prosecutor said.

Walls had books related to making meth, explosives and poison, the release said.

The officer was a 19-year veteran of the Long Branch department.

Christopher Walls, longtime member of the Long Branch Police Department, was arrested after officers came to his home for a domestic disturbance and found material and equipment for making meth in his basement, prosecutors said

Police also found a stash of six guns, high-capacity magazines and ammo in an unsecured safe that could’ve been accessed by a child living in the house.

Local police worked with state police in the investigation, the prosecutor’s statement said.

“It is particularly distressing that this hazard was caused by a sworn law enforcement officer,” prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said in the statement.

Walls is facing six charges related to the meth production as well as a second degree child endangerment charge and firearm possession during a controlled-dangerous substance offense.

He faces a maximum of 60 years behind bars if convicted of all the charges. Walls is being held in Monmouth County Correctional Institution pending a hearing. Information for his attorney wasn’t available Sunday.

This story was initially published by the New York Post.

From The Tumalo Lookout:

I suppose that we could look at this story from “the glass is half full” perspective. But half-full just ain’t good enough. All cops have to be completely good. All of the time.

But the bigger question in today’s story is this:

Just what the hell is a Trump-loyal pig supposed to do when even your Only True News source publishes this kind of shit about you?

Who ya’ supposed t’ trust now?

A cop might as well break good.

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