Dante Wright’s killer cop to face second-degree manslaughter charges.

A Minnesota judge has ruled that probable cause exists to support the charge of second-degree manslaughter against former Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter, pictured above, in the killing of Daunte Wright. AP. Source: NPR, May 17, 2021.

Mr. Dante Wright was “accidently” killed by training officer” Kim Potter, 19-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, “Police Department” — effectively for having “expired tags” on his license plate.

Minnesota judge Regina Chu ruled on Monday, May 17, 2021, that Brooklyn Center cop and “training officer” Kim Potter will stand trial for second-degree manslaughter for killing Daunte Wright last April.

Training officer” Potter claims she “accidently” “discharged” one bullet at Wright when she “mistook” her “service weapon,” a Glock semi-automatic handgun, for her “less lethal” “Taser” weapon.

(Taser: That would be the kind of “less lethal” weapon that automatically turns “fully lethal” when it’s pointed back toward cops. Thereby rewarding cops with the freedom to “blast away” with their “service weapons.”)

After viewing police body cam video of “training officer” Potter killing Dante Wright (effectively over “expired license tags,” remember), Brooklyn Center “police” “Chief” Tim Gannon told the world with typical cop-ly panache and deadpan cynicism,

This appears to me, from what I’ve viewed and the officer’s reaction and distress immediately after, that this was an accidental discharge that resulted in the tragic death of Mr. Wright.

Brooklyn Center “police” “Chief” Tim Gannon, quoted by National Public Radio, “Police Say ‘Accidental Discharge’ Of Gun Led To Daunte Wright’s Death,” April 12, 2021

Oh. “Tragic.” Wow. Like, “heart-felt.”

Like, “Oops. Our bad.” As in, “Shit happens.”

“Pay them off, so we can put this little thing behind us.”

Did I mention that “training officer” Potter is a 26-year veteran of the force? Or that she was “training” new cops at the time she “accidently” killed Dante Wright during the supposed “traffic stop?”

That’s a whole lotta “air quotes” for a “training officer” and senior administrative officer to have to defend her “professional” “competence” against. (Count ’em: it’s at least two dozen, maybe three, and I’m just getting warmed up.)

BUT THEN, this being America;

AND, Dante Wright’s murder being in Minnesota;

AND, his killer being (1) White, (2) a cop, and (3) a poor, helpless female, let alone (4) a “senior administrative officer;”

WHILST Mr. Wright, the “tragic” victim of this homicide, was (1) Black, (2) Black, (3) Black, and (4) Black…

Well… you can probably guess the outcome of this “trial.”

“Training officer” Potter is likely to be “excused” for this “little” “boo-boo.”

And if she is, you can bet that her fucking cop union will try to get her job back.

Because, after all, these are cops we’re talking about. It’s all about “I,” “me,” “mine,” “my bennies,” “my pay,” “my rights,” “my secrets,” “my PTO,” “my sick leave,” and “my seniority.”

Competence don’t mean shit.

Civics, ethics, morality, and oaths don’t mean shit.

The Constitution don’t mean shit.

Our democracy don’t mean shit.

Cops just don’t give a shit.

Judge Chu is “aiming at” a December “trial” for Potter.

Do I hear “slay” bells ringing already?

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