How often are prosecutors disbarred for judicial misconduct?

Almost never.

It’s a cozy club, called the Criminal-Industrial Complex. It’s an American Institution.

Membership is exclusive: you can be a cop, a prosecutor, a judge, or a conservative politician. (Sometimes defense attorneys are admitted, too.)

And, man, does membership have its privileges.

For example, if you ever do get punished for your misconduct, it’s meaningless and symbolic, just for public consumption.

Take, for example, the recent disbarment of former Dallas County, Texas, prosecutor Rick Jackson.

His “punishment” wasn’t just too late to be even remotely meaningful.

It was also one of only four times it’s ever happened.

Dallas County prosecutor Rick Jackson was finally disbarred for convicting two men of murder, by deceiving their juries. But Jackson had long since retired from law, many years ago and many years after their false convictions. The sonofabitch was, at last report, driving a tour bus in Alaska.

Jackson joins a short list of only four prosecutors nationwide disbarred for egregious misconduct in wrongful convictions, according to the Innocence Project. Three of the four prosecutors are from Texas. Ken Anderson was jailed for five days for withholding a bandana that DNA testing later led to Michael Morton’s exoneration in the killing of his wife in Williamson County. Charles Sebesta concealed that the actual killer in the slaying of six family members repeatedly denied that Anthony Graves was an accomplice until he struck a deal with the prosecution and testified against Graves in Burleson County. Anderson and Sebesta were the elected district attorneys in their counties. The other former prosecutor, Kenneth Peasley, was a deputy county attorney in Tucson, Ariz., when he allowed a detective to lie on the stand in two capital murder trials.

Dallas County prosecutor who withheld evidence disbarred after two 2 men cleared of murder,” The Dallas Morning News, May 13, 2021.

But, people: it ain’t no coincidence that three of the four disbarred prosecutors were from Texas.

Prosecutors like Rick Jackson, and the corrupt pigs they conspire with, are as much an American Institution as White Trash.

In fact, they’re part of it.

And Texas grows White Trash all out of proportion. Especially corrupt cops, prosecutors, judges, and politicians.

On the bright side (if there ever is one):

In Alaska, assholes get eaten by bears, gored and stomped by moose, and their busses fall off cliffs. Sometimes they just get drunk, lay down in the snow, and freeze to death.

One can but hope.

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