Another lying cop. The question is, which one of ’em is lying?

Now here’s an interesting little ditty.

Meet Pinellas County, Florida, Sheriff’s Deputy Kenneth Kimberlin. He’s been arrested for filing false reports online.

Kimberlin — a trustworthy-looking cop if ever you saw one, eh? — alleges that his sheriff is another child abusing cop.

Little wonder that his sheriff had him arrested. Whether or not it’s true.

Which, of course, leads us to the inevitable question: Is it true?

Which, in turn, also leads us to another inevitable question: Who ya’ gonna trust?

Not cops, obviously.

You can read about it for yourself:

Former Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Arrested For Making False Child Abuse Allegations – CBS Tampa (


Former Pinellas County deputy arrested for false allegations against sheriff | WFLA

Or, try to find it on Fox News. If you dare.


Ya do realize, of course, that these two accusations — a deputy filing false reports vs. a sheriff abusing children– aren’t mutually exclusive.

They could both true. Cops lie. Cops file false reports. Cops abuse children.

Chicken wallah.

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