In case you think I’ve forgotten you….

Nope. I’m still churning through my backlog of news stories about criminal cops.

I’ve completed years 2010 through 2019, and I’m up to July, 2020 now. But 2020 and 2021 are HUGE, so it’ll be a little longer before I get back to blogging.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the problems I’m following right now:

Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson’s administration seems to be crumbling from misconduct issues throughout the office — maybe including the sheriff himself.

Last week Nelson lost a civil suit brought Eric Kozowski, by a deputy Nelson fired.

Now one of Nelson’s top command staff, Capt. Deron McMaster, has also filed a tort claim against him.

I had just written Nelson a note of encouragement on the afternoon of September 3rd. So imagine my frustration when, just two hours later, The Bulletin published the news that McMaster has filed a grievance.

Frankly, I’m at a loss on all of this: having spent roughly two hours a month in meetings with Nelson for the past five years or so, I think I know enough about the man to judge his character. And I still trust and respect him.

But on the other hand, I have also maintained a steady belief in, and respect for, Captain McMaster.

You see, I had two one-on-one conversations with McMaster when I was a member of Nelson’s Citizens Advisory Panel; and those conversations convinced me that McMaster is a principled, ethical man of conscience. I don’t think he’d even remember me. But for the past five years, I’ve respected him because of those two conversations.

In fact, ever since Nelson took over the Sheriff’s Office, I’ve believed that he has assembled a strong command staff — particularly so with McMaster. I still believe this.

It’s tough enough to see your local deputies get into trouble again and again, and it’s tough to watch them get fired. Nelson has had to fire a number of them. And I’ve supported him in each of those cases.

But now, we’re seeing problems between Nelson and his own command staff. It’s especially difficult to see them wash their dirty linen in public. I guess that’s part of transparency, but it’s only a small part needed to solve the many problems in American law enforcement.

And who do you believe when you’re just a citizen and have no first-hand information about all of this?

I guess it just goes to the heart of my whole theme for this blog: with cops, you never know who to trust. Not even when you think you see the good in them.

A whole lot of cops have a whole lot of sexual problems.

As I’ve been working through my backlog of news reports on criminal cops, it has come as something of a disturbing surprise to me to see how often America’s cops get arrested for sex crimes — sexual assault, rape, sex trafficking, and the like. Let me clarify: it’s really disturbing. But it’s only a little surprise. A bigger surprise is that so many of the perps, I mean cops, are also perverts: they’re obsessed with children and child porn. It seems that the easiest places to find pederasts and child predators are in the Catholic church, police departments and sheriff’s offices.

When I post these stories here at The Tumalo Lookout, you’ll be able to see them all by searching on the “Rapists and Predators” tag.

Oh, and another thing about those predator cops: there have been, and still are, a fair number of them in Oregon’s sheriff offices. There were even a couple in the Deschutes County SO.

Southern sheriffs are still just as brutal as they were in the Reconstruction.

It particularly amazes me just how many rabid, racist animals get hired by the “good” sheriffs of Texas. Bexar County has such a long, persistent, disreputable history that my advice to everybody is to just stay the hell out of that state entirely. Drive through Bexar County at your own risk, baby. Those pigs are corrupt and brutal. To say nothing of racist.

But, again I’ll clarify: the criminal element isn’t confined to Bexar County. Nor to Texas. It’s all the hell over out there: Colorado, Louisiana, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas… and on, anon.

And it isn’t limited to sheriff’s offices, either: it’s state troopers, local cops, and the Feds, too.

Bexar County just seems to really like rolling in their own pig shit.

Cops are still denying the dangers of COVID, and still willing to endanger everyone they come in contact with so that they don’t have to wear masks.

The tiny-brained reptiles are still playing extremist politics and still fighting every public health effort to control COVID. And this includes a half-dozen or so local pigs. These are truly loathsome people. They have no professional ethics, no morals, and shouldn’t be on the public payroll.

But, then, waddaya expect of cops? The only people they really care about are themselves and Trump.

So stay tuned. I’ll get back to sharing these incidents with you soon.

Half of all cops are below average. Another 34 percent aren’t much better.

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