Oh, don’t stop now.

And here’s one about a Colorado pig with issues that deserve special treatment. (That’s Homo vorsutus Americanus sus, not our beloved Sus domestica.)

This one comes verbatim from the Greeley Tribune, and kudos to the reporters and editors for covering the matter. Here’s hoping that you have a large and growing readership, Tribuners. And once again, kudos also to Fox News for covering it as well. Will wonders never cease.

I’ve reformatted two quotes from the Tribune article as pull-quotes. Otherwise, no content was edited.

Platteville CO police officer Jason Taft. Nice, clean, sweet looking young guy, right? But this pig threatened violence against Biden voters and Democrats on Facebook. Source: Screen grab, WTSP-TV, Tampa Bay, November 5, 2020.

Given all of the flatulent campaign promises about “21st century policing” in our local, just-finished race for Deschutes County Sheriff, you’d think that this young Colorado cop would be so much cooler and smarter than his elders.

But if you did, you’d be wrong. More often than we like to admit, “young” = “stupid,” “arrogant,” and dangerous.

Note to cops: That photo above come from a Tampa Bay Florida, television station on the same day that the Greeley Tribune, the Denver Post, and god knows how many other news outlets covered this incident. See how quickly and how far news of police misconduct spreads? That’s exactly how fast your reputations get trashed, and your credibility and integrity get hosed, when you look the other way instead of correcting these problems before they spiral out of control.

You need to learn to place higher loyalty in your professional oaths to us — the people you serve — than you put in your colleagues. You are the problem. Be the solution instead.

Platteville police officer on leave after posting he wanted to “beat the hell” out of Democrats

Platteville police chief became aware of Facebook post Wednesday afternoon

Platteville police officer on leave after posting he wanted to “beat the hell” out of Democrats


PUBLISHED: November 5, 2020 at 2:46 p.m. | UPDATED: November 5, 2020 at 2:47 p.m.

A Colorado police officer is on administrative leave after posting on Facebook that he wanted to “beat the hell” out of Democrats and was ready to leave his job so he can “hurt these people.”

Platteville police Chief Carl Dwyer became aware of Officer Jason Taft’s post Wednesday afternoon, the chief said in an email to The Denver Post. Dwyer immediately placed Taft on administrative leave while the incident is investigated, he said. Platteville is a town of about 2,700 people in Weld County.

Taft, who has been with the department since January 2018, posted the following at 1:54 p.m. Wednesday:

“If for some reason we lose do we get to be little bitches and beat the hell out of the other party like they did,” Taft wrote in his post, which was still publicly visible Thursday afternoon. “Because they don’t believe in what we do. In fact in case we actually let Biden win. There will be far fewer results than this year because we’ll help them find God. Democrats you were scared of Trump now’s the true time to be afaird [sic]. We will do what you have done to our city’s [sic] and prevail [sic] p.s. please meet me at the battle grounds.”

Platteville CO pig Jason Taft, quoted verbatim (complete with the expected misspellings and punctuation errors; quoted by the Greeley Tribune, November 5, 2020.

He later left a comment on his post stating:

“I’m ready to leave my job just so I can hurt these people that act like they know what real life is about. They are a bunch of time out in the corner billy people. They have no clue of the true rath [sic] thats [sic] coming. Dems you thought you made a scene or statement with BLM just wait this it [sic] will be fun!”


Later Wednesday afternoon, Taft posted that all people who voted for presidential candidate Joe Biden should unfriend him on Facebook, and other posts ridiculed Biden supporters.

Taft’s posts came as election workers across the country continued to tally votes in the presidential race and sporadic protests have already occurred, including at vote counting centers. Police departments across the country have been preparing for violence connected to the election.

From The Tumalo Lookout:

Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

Ignorant, arrogant, threatening, uneducated, stupid, and exceedingly poor judgment.

With a badge and a gun.

Hired by a proud elder, no doubt.

A true role model for our nation’s children to look up to.

A man’s man. A cop’s cop.

I’ll say it again: It’s oinkers all the way down.

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