Good mornin,’ Good mornin’!

Who’da ever thought that the best news of my day would come first from FOX !?!

Read it and weep, baby! Tears of Joy, Tears of Crocodile, or just plain tears of idiocy: finally, there’s something that every American can do together! (And who says we’re a divided nation.)

Oi! If you’re a Flat Earther, don’t take my word for it: see for yourself. ….But perhaps you believe this is FAKE NEWS, don’t you.

His beloved Washington Post said of him,

Mr. Limbaugh, a cigar aficionado who long defended tobacco use…. mastered the art of portraying himself as a man of the people who fought the elites even as he relished a luxe life in which he collected $5,000 bottles of wine, owned a $54 million private jet, outfitted the vast salon of his Florida manse in the manner of Versailles, and socialized with top corporate and political leaders.

“Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio provocateur and cultural phenomenon, dies at 70,” The Washington Post, February 17, 2021

AMF and RIH.

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